Two Weeks To Prove Yourself

Experience our educational model from the inside and unleash your power.




Complete the tests on the INTEK admission web site



Submit required admission documents and challenge yourself during our two-week Survival Mode program where you will have the opportunity to learn Python, Unix shell; Git; Algorithms & Data structures



Review your Survival Mode scores and demonstrate your motivation during a live interview session


You are now an INTEKer!

Survival Mode

What Will You Do?


Complete introduction to Python. Program runs entirely in English; Vietnamese-speaking mentors are available to help you.


No programming experience required. If you can pass our online tests, you are good to go!


Sorry, no days off!
The Institute is opened everyday from 6am to midnight, you can organize your schedule the way you want.

Survival Mode is an immersive two-week program that takes place during the summer at INTEK Institute in Ho Chi Minh City. Not only will you learn the basics of Python programming, we will take you from writing your first lines of code to producing your first program - in just 14 days!

Along the way you will experience the full range of our teaching methodology. Completing projects, working in teams and pushing knowledge limits lie at the heart of the Survival Mode learning experience.



We believe in diversity and in making the best education possible available to talented students regardless of their financial status. We are committed to helping all students and strongly encourage them to apply for financial aid if needed.
100% of our students could benefit from our financial aid packages.

Program Duration

2.5 years

Annual Tuition Fee

175.000.000 VND

350.000.000 VND Total - The last 6 months of internship are not subjected to tuition
By quarter (3 times a year): 63.000.000 VND

Financial Aid

Active Scholarship

INTEK will grant full scholarship to students who:

have demonstrated outstanding academic results and extensive community engagement in the past,

have performed well in the the Survival Mode program,

make a firm commitment to becoming an active member of the INTEK community.

Revenue Sharing Agreement

INTEK is bringing this innovative financial scheme to Vietnam for the very first time. Tuition fees are waived during the 2.5-year training period but students must secure — during the same period — a firm deposit of 35,000,000 VND per year as goodwill committment. After graduation, students will pay up to 32% of their monthly income until the tuition is reimbursed or for a maximum period of 48 months. Upon full payment, students’ deposits are refunded.

ACB Bank
"Learn Now - Pay Later"

INTEK and ACB Bank have partnered to offer an innovative student loan scheme: "Learn Now, Pay Later". During the 2.5-year curriculum, students pay only interests. After graduation and for a loan term up to 42 months, students pay principal and interests. The loan has to be secured by third-party assets (parents/family members). In some cases, sponsors may guarantee the loan under certain criteria.

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Join Our Survival Mode

The Survival Mode is a key element in our admission process. It is an opportunity for us to observe our student candidates and see how they interact with peers. It will allow us to decide if they have the right mindset and potential to follow our learning program for the next two years. The right candidates, who have a high chance of success in our environment, will be invited to study at INTEK Institute. Do you have what it takes to be an INTEKer ? ENROLL NOW!

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INTEK in Ho Chi Minh City is home base for the next generation of skilled IT professionals. We want our students to learn how to learn, as they will need these skills to embrace the digital revolution.

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