INTEK offers dedicated services to help the IT industry address some crucial HR challenges.

Hợp tác dịch vụ doanh nghiệp tại INTEK


Our talent screening program helps IT companies find the IT talent that best fits their needs and assists them in making the most informed hiring decisions.

IT companies define the IT skill sets required for a given position. INTEK will identify the corresponding project(s) to be completed by the candidate. The project outcomes will be assessed and measured against INTEK’s six industry-relevant KPIs. INTEK will provide IT companies with a detailed report on the candidate’s performance as well as access to the project source code via GitHub.


Our onboarding program will help new IT recruits start on the right foot. The program will ensure that they understand and utilize coding best practices, code source management as well as the pragmatic usage of Agile methodology.


Our corporate training program is expressly tailored to fit the company staff training requirements. INTEK will work closely with the HR & Training department to define topics and training plans to match INTEK’s groundbreaking learning and assessment model. Trainees leave their standard work environment behind to be immersed in INTEK’s focused and inspiring community of learners.


Our apprenticeship program is a flexible 2-year program leading to a Solution Architect certificate. Students will learn full time at INTEK during the first nine months. The following fifteen months will be split between studying part-time at INTEK and working part-time at a participating company. It is an opportunity for students to enhance their employability skills and for employers to strengthen their talent pipeline and talent loyalty.

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