Learning Model

Rooted in longstanding psychology research, our learning model draws upon the most innovative educational practices from around the globe. We have expanded upon a model that has already proven itself in Europe and the US. The fundamentals are: Learning How to Learn, Incubating Talent & Boosting Creativity, Becoming Business and Future-ready.

Upon graduation, our students are TEK stars, equipped with a chameleonic mindset and ready to work on the global stage. They are project-minded, product-oriented, team players who are English proficient and customer-oriented.

How To Learn

Incubate Talent &
Boost Creativity

Become Business &

Project Based Learning

Our curriculum is hands-on and project-based. Our students learn by completing real-world and industry-level projects and tasks. They take action and learn by solving problems.

Intek mentors provide support and guidance with a 1:1 student/mentor ratio. Alongside an immersive business-ready learning ecosystem, this student-centered approach allows students to naturally explore new ideas, organize their knowledge and grow their expertise.

Learn by doing what the work engineers do.
Take action and solve problems.

Gamified Learning Path

We have taken the best from the world of games and turned our curriculum into a digital playground. Because learning and fun combined together breed success.

Our students are Recruits for a two-year-and-half long Campaign. They need to complete various Missions, overcome increasingly difficult Waypoints. They are guided and led by our talented Hartmen. At each step, they are awarded with Ribbons and Medals. They ultimately improve their Rank, moving up from Private to Lieutenant.

Engage, compete and make progress!
Learning and fun combined together breed success


Grades and IQs do not determine career success, soft skills do. Technical expertise on its own is not enough - it needs to be supplemented by interpersonal skills. Skills that allow our students to express themselves clearly, confidently and with empathy. Skills that allow them to lead and complete projects on time. Skills that turn them from being just a co-worker to being an inspiring colleague and leader.

Soft skills are a fundamental pillar of our innovative learning model. We instill them throughout the curriculum by weaving layers of soft skills into every step of our student learning experience.

Moreover and in addition to a series of soft skills workshops, our students will enjoy an Agile & Scrum training program as well as an intensive 16 month online English training on top of a weekly two-hour live interaction with a native teacher. Both trainings will lead to two recognized certificates: TOEFL and Professional Scrum Master.

Soft skills for the 21st century.
The skills that let our students stand out from the crowd.


While our students learn and use the latest technologies, we encourage them to develop a chameleonic mindset and be future-ready to embrace the digital age.

We have hence created a full immersive business-ready ecosystem where our students can experience and engage in-house with startups, leaders and industry experts.

Our programs Starter by Schoolab@INTEK, Talent & Innovation Factory, Leadership 4.0 and TEK Talks are designed to nurture creativity and innovation, the only most human of talents that will never be replaced.

The digital revolution impacts every facet of the society.
Getting digital-ready has become the key driver for sustainable business growth.

Community Driven

The sense of belonging is one of the most basic human needs. Building communities helps our students feel uplifted, encouraged, inspired and supported. Within the INTEK community, our mentors empower them to open new doors, enable them to focus on their goals and help them achieving their dreams. Likewise, by actively sharing and contributing to the community, our students will strengthen their skills and broaden their experience. Our open space environment and all our activities are hence structured to ease and enable community spirit and collective intelligence.

Individual talent can only achieve personal ambitions while collective intelligence leads to a global vision.
Engaging conversations with others doesn't just reshuffle the cards, it creates new cards.


Our innovative scoring matrix provides a detailed PET scan of the student skills allowing companies to identify precisely the talent they really need.

Our hard-skill metrics measure the student coding ability against five criteria: Proper Functioning, Readability, Clarity, Maintainability and Performance. The hard skill scores account for 60% of the global scoring.

Our soft-skill metrics take into account many criteria: Commitment & Attendance, English Proficiency, Team/Community Spirit, Project Management and Professional etiquette.

Every one of these metrics is measured against a set of competencies for each project throughout the 2.5-year curriculum and ultimately defines the student’s progression curve as well as his or her potential.

All these valuable data will be made available to our sponsors and partnered companies through our talent search engine.

Companies struggle with talent sourcing and job hopping.
Identifying the right talent is a tough job, but someone has to do it.
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INTEK in Ho Chi Minh City is home base for the next generation of skilled IT professionals. We want our students to learn how to learn, as they will need these skills to embrace the digital revolution.

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