Intek coding school opened in HCMC


Phan Chinh (R), CEO of INTEK, gestures as he shares details of INTEK’s learning model – PHOTO: CHI THINH

HCMC – The INTEK Institute of Applied Technology described as a premier coding school was opened in HCMC today, November 5, providing the first project-based, gamified training course for computer engineering students.

Intek is the first information technology (IT) institution in the city to apply the learning model without the presence of instructors. Students enrolling in the course will get involved in real-world projects and develop IT solutions.

In addition, gamification included in the course’s curriculum will encourage the engagement and autonomy of students. They can join the course as a digital playground with a series of gamified real-world and industry-level projects, offering challenges for them to tackle alone or with other students.

Phan Chinh, CEO of INTEK, said the institute would select students who are good at communication, teamwork and soft skills to handle IT projects. Admission tests will be real-world projects inspired by INTEK’s business partners, aiming to challenge and check the critical thinking of each student while they work.

Chinh added that the differentiated learning environment at INTEK would enable students to cope with technology trends in the future. They will increase their autonomy in learning and can deal with upcoming challenges in the rapidly changing technology market, he stated.

Huynh Xuan Vien, who started studying at INTEK more than a month ago, told The Saigon Times that the INTEK training program requires students to have a strong sense of engagement, accountability, critical thinking, self-discipline and independence.

The school, which now has around 35 students, is orchestrated by a software that distributes projects to students, sets deadlines, and corrects the projects. Aside from the team developing that tool, students receive feedback and guidance from on-site mentors.

Regarding job opportunities for INTEK students, the institute has received a slew of job offers from major technology firms thanks to its focus on independence and critical thinking training. Besides this, INTEK pledged to ensure the provision of job opportunities, with a monthly salary of at least US$1,200, for graduates whose academic performance is equivalent to a B+ level.

Commenting on the new course at INTEK, Sébastien Auligny, vice president, Production Southeast Asia at Gameloft, a strategic partner of INTEK, showed his support, pointing out that Gameloft is in need of skilled software engineers who are able to work independently and stay updated on the latest technology trends.

As for admission requirements, candidates who have finished high school or are currently in college or even graduates who have an interest in software engineering can enroll in the course. To become official students of the course, candidates must pass two assessment rounds, comprising an online test and a two-week Hyperspace program.

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