Transforming education is not only about bringing a disruptive learning model but also about actively involving key economic players to make it inclusive and sustainable. They need to work together towards an inclusive global vision and form a comprehensive e-sustainability value-chain addressing key United Nations SDG objectives:

  • Reduce inequalities and poverty
  • Equal access to quality education
  • Employability & wealth creation


Foundations and social investors will commit to sustainable philanthropy and contribute to an increased joint creation of wealth by co-sponsoring the INTEK REVENUE SHARING AGREEMENT (RSA). The direct social impact shall be measured by the economic value INTEK graduates will generate through their highly skilled jobs.

INTEK is a member of VietNam Next Generation Foundation



As we encourage students to explore new frontiers, INTEK aims at building an opened ecosystem which rallies IT companies, industry experts, IT communities and other industry players allowing them to share experience & knowledge
INTEK welcomes partners to enrich our curriculum, or giving INTEKers real projects at your company via internship programs… Be pioneers! We are the “game-changers”! Together we turn to a new IT world where all people are ready for challenges with their skills and mindset!

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