Our programs are structured around two streams to form a full immersive business-ready learning ecosystem:


Our core IT Engineering curriculum is an intensive 2 year program, including a final three-month internship leading to a professional career in the tech industry.


Our extra-curricular service portfolio offers enriching in-house programs that allow our students to experience and engage with startups, leaders and industry experts.

Core It Engineering Curriculum

Our core IT engineering curriculum focuses on getting students to understand the big picture in order to become highly versatile IT professionals.

Students learn by completing hands-on projects the way engineers do – with real-world problematics, tools and processes. By collaborating on and producing industry-level projects, they develop a work ethic and a methodology that gives them the foundation for a long and evolutive career.

Two and a half years to become the complete IT engineer the tech industry deserves and needs.

Become the versatile IT professional to tackle the digital revolution.


Extracurricular Service Portfolio

Corporate Training


Our corporate program is expressly tailored to fit the company training requirements for new recruits. We have an iterative, collaborative approach —working closely with the company’s HR & Training department to define topics and design a training plan to match our groundbreaking learning model. Trainees leave behind their standard work environment to be immersed in INTEK’s focused and inspiring community of learners.

Talent & Innovation Factory


The Talent & Innovation Factory program provides companies with an opportunity to create, test and prove new concepts, products or services. During a period ranging from two to four months, our teams of multidisciplinary young innovators work together on the acceleration of innovative products.

Starter By Schoolab@Intek


Starter by Schoolab@INTEK is a six-month incubation program dedicated to early-stage startups to go from an idea to a product or service ready to market. It includes three intensive bootcamps, weekly workshops (Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking and Lean Startup) and monthly mentoring.

Kids 4.0


The young generation is our future. The two-stream hands-on program aims at igniting their curiosity and tackling their interest around the digital revolution. The first stream is dedicated to teenagers aging from 13 to 18
through a eight-week learning track (Python basics) while the second stream is geared towards kids aging from 9 to 13 who will learn and practice with mini-robots and 3D printing.

Leadership 4.0


The Leadership 4.0 program is designed for leaders and managers. They will experiment the latest techniques used by agile companies and discover the most effective ways to carry out the digital transformation efficiently and quickly across their organization.

Tek Talks


TEK Talks are a series of scheduled live workshops at INTEK, led by recognized industry experts who will provide insights on latest tech trends.



A hackathon can either be scheduled or organized based on customer demand. It is a 24- or 48-hour code fest competition gathering INTEK students and IT aficionados to improve upon or build a new software program.

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